Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wave photography

The sea, the waves have always inspired writers like Ernest Hemingway who wrote his famous book "The Old Man and the Sea. " Poets have always been attracted to the sea. For his calm or storm. His heroes have left the sea like Ulysses or have sailed with their boats and marine depths have covered. We admire in the film. Also photographers have been fascinated by the beauty of the sea and waves.

Some examples of wonderful shots.

Share your thoughts with me. Contemplate his greatness
"The wave is the main subject. There may or may not be a human presence in the image, but if there is, the presence will only be used for scale."

~ David Orias, The Photographer

Photo by grantdavis

Photo by Clark little

Photo by DavidRphoto

Photo by Trent Stevens

Photo by Trent Stevens

Photo by jonno.wright

Photo by Clark little

David Orias

 Photo by sunshinesurfshots




  1. Wow...! They are AWESOME wave photos.I love all of them.Thanks for sharing.Keep on posting more.

  2. wow. thanks for sharing this... waves are magnificent and really do make for good subjects.