Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Underwater Digital Cameras and Accessories

Extreme photography and underwater photos are great ... as long as your digital camera is useable underwater. If you aren't sure whether your camera is rated as waterproof, read the user manual or visit the manufacturer's Web site. Ignoring the user manual and testing the digital camera in a full bathtub to determine whether it is waterproof is not recommended.

If you'd like to take these types of photos, you'll either need an underwater digital camera, as specified by the manufacturer, or you'll need to purchase an underwater housing for your digital camera. Here are some of the best underwater digital cameras and accessories.

Canon offers many underwater housing units designed for its specific models and brands of digital cameras. In addition to being able to purchase the underwater housing units at the Canon Web site, you'll also find advice for using your model safely underwater.

When photographing underwater, there are three shooting techniques you will find particularly useful as they enable you to produce remarkable and appealing pictures without elaborate set-ups.

Macro Shots

For small underwater subjects, choose the Macro Mode. Move to within minimum focusing distance of your subject and depress the shutter button halfway. Then using the LCD monitor, move the camera to sharpen your image. Finally, press the shutter button all the way to take the picture. Utilize the flash diffusion plate on the case to ensure even underwater flash lightin

Wide Angle Shots

The first thing to master with wide-angle shots is keeping the water color blue. To keep water looking blue, first set the White Balance*: choose "Daylight" in shallow water and "Cloudy" for greater depths. Then, get below your subject. Aim upward towards the sky to create dramatic silhouettes. 
*If your PowerShot digital camera has Underwater Scene Mode, select it for the best results when shooting underwater

Panorame Shots

First, select the Stitch Assist Mode on your PowerShot digital camera. Shoot a series of overlapping images. Then use the PhotoStitch Software, supplied with your camera, to automatically combine images into a breath-taking panorama on your computer

On Land
You can also use your Canon Waterproof Case on land — in environments where snow, sand, excess humidity or dust could lead to damage. Ideal for skiing and many other activities, a Canon Waterproof or All-weather Case provide an added measure of safety for your PowerShot camera on land. 

Preparation and care
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Nicola Delvigo’s art - El arte de Nicola Delvigo

Characters in Nicola Delvigo’s art are born from paper and glue, in a very personal use of the collage technique. His art cannot disregard the pleasure of manual work , in an act suspended between the lightness of a game and the precision of an artisan. Among his recurrent themes women: familiar or unknown to the artist but moulded from the same passionate craft. Very particular is also the use of text, charachters move in a verbal background which is never separate from the human figure, creating an alphabet of feelings. Nicola Delvigo’s art belongs to a poetic and naif universe suspended between desire, fun and mystery.

Los personajes en el arte Delvigo Nicola nacen de papel y pegamento, en un uso muy personal de la técnica del collage. Su arte no puede ignorar el placer del trabajomanual, en el acto suspendido entre la ligereza de un juego y la precisión del artesano. Entre las mujeres sus temas recurrentes: familiares o desconocidos para el artista, sino moldeados a partir de la Orden pasión misma. También muy especialmente el uso de texto, se mueve en un plano verbal personajes que nunca está separada de la figura humana, de Creación del Alfabeto de los sentimientos.Arte Delvigo Nicola pertenece a un universo poético y naif suspendidos entre el deseo, la diversión y el misterio.

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