Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bertram Bahner Photography

About the Artist

Kim Anderson began his career photographing people and fashion, while also doing work in advertising.
In the past decade, the name Kim Anderson has become synonymous with children's photography, known for an extraordinary body of work that conjures feelings of joy, innocence, tenderness, and wonder while reawakening the viewer's own memories of childhood. The romantic and endearing photography has a timeless and universal appeal. Kim Anderson resides in Bonn, Germany with his family. His seven year old daughter is often featured in his photography.
The creator of these beloved images is Bertram Bahner, who lives with his family in a mountainside village in Switzerland. Long before the Kim Anderson series appeared, Bahner was a successful European photographer. Today he is one of the most widely published photographers in the world.
Initially inspired to record his three-year-old daughter Nicola playing with her friends, Bahner discovered that he had captured moments of universal appeal. From the beginning Bahner's methods were marked by simplicity and sincerity, using few props in a session and then letting the children play while stepping back to wait for the one spontaneous yet timeless moment when , as he says, "the emotion is perfect."
Soon the Kim Anderson project took on life of its own. Photographs of his daughters and friends were augmented with images of other little girls and boys, among them Bahner's son Manuel. Family involvement also includes his wife Monika, who helps to choose the props and styles the shoots with inimitable flair. Bahner continues to hand-print each carefully selected images, and oversees the hand coloring that has become the Kim Anderson signature.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Sara Moon | Iranian Fashion painter

Bijan Djamalzadeh, Iranian painter, known for his art works signed as “Sara Moon”, was born in Teheran and left his home county to study medicine in Germany at the request of his father. He returned to his home country with his new-found skills but his love of art was not to be denied, and in 1974 he returned to Germany to paint, signing his work "Sara Moon".

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