Friday, November 23, 2012

Inspirational pictures

Surely ever happened to you that you suffer a little "creative crisis" and do not know how to deal to advance in your photos. Sometimes, in this photography, we need a break. Drop the camera a few days and see good pictures can help us regain the sensors with more enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Today I propose a break and I leave a gallery that will surely serve as an inspiration for the bridge that is upon us. Some are undoubtedly impressive, others simply original, but all powerful or sympathetic, draw attention
Do not fail to haoove a lk:

                                                          By Hermin Abramovitch.

Dreaming Peter Przybille.jpg


                                           The watcher

                                        Clean up ahmed Shirham

Photography by Singape  Zorhang aJingn

by Arseny Semyonov  




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