Monday, November 28, 2011

Moon Pictures for Inspiration

 Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
 Mark Twain

Do the phases of the moon affect our thoughts and actions?
The word moon comes from the Latin origin, Luna. Many people point out that the words lunacy and lunatic go hand in hand. This includes heightened depressionand possible suicidal attempts. This is why during the full moon, many incidents tend to occur. Some people report that more traffic accidents happen on full moon nights than on other nights.
The superstition about the effects of the full moon goes back centuries ago. It was believed that men and woman's fortunes move within the moon cycles. People also believe that the moon has negative influences. There is a theory about the biological tides that tries to explain this. It states that the moon cycles cause an increase of ocean tides, (high waves for surfers), therefore also causing tides in the human body, since the body is made of about 80% water.

On a full moon, there are more active frequencies in your mind. These could range from random or more specific thoughts. Since everyone is different, it all depends on personality. A dominant trait may surface or dominate our thoughts during a full moon. These traits could be heightened anger, jealousy, greed, depression etc. An example would be a drug addict or alcholic would get more thoughts about needing a drink or a drug at this time.
This heightened activity can possibly awaken deep thoughts that are in the subconscious mind, therefore bringing out the spirituality of those that practice rituals.
Lots of research has been made over the years to prove these theories. Some scientists believe there is no evidence of moon madness. But there have been numerous studies about human behaviours linked with external cycles that range from solar radiation, weather, planetary cycles and moon phases. There seems to be a powerful gravitational pull on the earth when there is a full or new moon. This pull is not as strong on other days.

Some examples of moon photography

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by ~S4cr4m3nt

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Finger and Palm Print Paintings — Zhang Baohua

In 1989 Chinese artist Zhang Baohua invented a new style of painting which requires the artist to use his finger and palm prints to create unique works of art. It’s hard to believe such masterpieces can be created without any tools, but Zhang Baohuang manages to do it by using just his fingers and palm prints. His unique painting style is characterized by a concise, lively style and a sense of reality, and is considered a combination of traditional Chinese painting and the structural features of Western painting. Most of his works depict animals, especially dogs. Zhang’s works have been featured in art galleries all around the world, and he is known as “China’s world famous palm painting artist”.