Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers and Birds, Chinese Gongbi Paintings by Zou Chuan An

Flower-and-Bird Painting :

Bird-and-flower painting is a kind of Chinese painting named after its subject matter. Normally, most bird-and-flower paintings belong to the scholar-artist style of Chinese painting.

According to Chinese tradition, bird-and-flower painting covers "flowers, birds, fish, and insects. It can thus deal with a wide range of natural topics, including flowers (plants), fish, insects, birds, pets (dogs, cats) etc.

Chinese Gongbi Painting : Chinese Traditional Painting with Meticulous Detail

Gongbi Paintings, literally "detailed strokes", are paintings characterized by fine brushwork. Gongbi is a technique in Chinese painting. The name is from the Chinese Gong chin meaning tidy (meticulous brush technique). The technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation.

It is often highly coloured and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects. In contrast with Freehand Brush-work Paintings, they focused a lot on details. Classical examples of this school are Imperial-court paintings of the Ming Dynasty, Qiu Ying's figure paintings of the Ming Dynasty and Shen Quan's Flowers and Birds of the Qing Dynasty.


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