Monday, February 21, 2011

Fractalius plugin

Fractalius plugin creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. The effects are based on extraction of so-called hidden fractal texture of an image. You can also simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches.



magic fract mushrooms

kitty fract

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Fractalius has four groups of settings. Starting at the bottom, the Presets will start you off. I suggest a moderate effect like Glow 50. The top two groups work contrast reliefs against each other to build the fibers.

Sharpness: an intense image sharpener

Line Width: defines the thickness of the fibers

Radius: transforms the oversharpened relief into ethereal fibers

Diffusion: blurs the minor fibers while enhancing the major fibers.

Adjust one group and then the other to create the overall desired effect.

The final group controls the application of the overall effect. Brightness & Saturation are pretty standard. But, Scale directly controls the amount of the effect applied to the image.

The best way to use this effect is to apply the full effect to a duplicate image layer. Then add a layer mask to the Fractalius layer and selectively reveal the original layer beneath. You can see the Photoshop layers and mask above.

Is this an effect for everyday? Probably not. But, if you want to add a dreamy, ethereal effect, Fractalius adds a very unique look that is very hard to create without it.



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