Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rules of Composition: Framing

Just as a good frame and mat accentuates the painting that hangs on the wall, the technique of framing will help to draw more attention to the subject of a photo. To use framing in your photographic composition, you must look for objects within the scope of the viewfinder that will further enhance your subject.

Framing is achieved by using contrast, texture and shape in the foreground as a border around the subject of your photo. Natural surroundings such as tree limbs or rocks or man-made structures like archways, windows and doors can all be used as framing. As you prepare to snap your picture, be sure to maintain focus on the main subject and consider using a smaller aperture (higher f-stop) to get a high depth-of-field shot.

The following pictures illustrate how framing can be done. Notice that it’s not always necessary to get a complete border around your subject. By using the following examples as your inspiration, you will be able to see more framing possibilities the next time you go out with your camera.


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