Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography  is devoted to capturing interesting animals in action, such as eating, fighting, or in flight. Although usually shot in the wild, game farms are also a frequent location for wildlife photography.

The techniques of wildlife photography differ greatly from those used in landscape photography. For example, in wildlife photography wide apertures are used to achieve a fast shutter speed, freeze the subject's motion, and blur the backgrounds, while landscape photographers prefer small apertures. Wildlife is also usually shot with long telephoto lenses from a great distance; the use of such telephoto lenses frequently necessitates the use of a tripod (since the longer the lens, the harder it is to handhold). Many wildlife photographers use blinds or camouflage.


   seal at seabrook beach - 02/14/09 - wildlife photography

seal at seabrook beach

Shiba Inu 2 - gorgeous dog - wildlife photography

Shiba Inu 2 - gorgeous dog

Ö_öh...look!someone dropped a quarter…♫ wildlife from bali ♫

wildlife from bali

an eye on you... i gotta keep movin' on♫ bali bird park

bali bird park

Ö_ö mr. tufts, the owl ....♫ bubo sumatranus - a bird from bali♫

                                                           bubo sumatranus - a bird from bali

bracts… i’m officially on sick leave, look at the size of my eyes ô_ô ♫ wildlife from singapore♫

                                                          wildlife from singapore

nectar... nectar... ♫ i smell coral nectar!

                                                        i smell coral nectar

Mmmmm, tasty! errr… say ♥_♥ ba-na-nas? okay, now throw me another banana!...♫♫ wildlife from bali ♫


gobble♫, gobble ♫, gobble it up!~~ <°)))>< ~~ great egret from bali♫

yodell ♫ lay-od-lay-od-lay-he-hoo, ♫ lay-od-lay-od-low yodellay, ♫ yodallay, yodal-low… ♫ and they fly low supreme! ♫ little egrets from bali- egretta garzetta ♫

Toucan bird


                                                            Toucan bird

Red Parrot

Red Parrot

Monkey wants something

She loves me not

                                                   Sparrowhawk Eating

Pink Hippo with Mother

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