Thursday, December 2, 2010

Digital photography tips - How to take good pictures of pets

Tips for Taking Funny Pet Pictures

One of the perks of having mischievous pets is the amount of joy they bring to life. After all, who can resist smiling while watching a playful pup bask in a drawer full of socks? Since it's impossible not to laugh at Fluffy's attempt to escape from a web of yarn or snicker when Saber's soft ear gets caught under a pillow, why not capture these priceless moments with your camera?
All pets have the potential to strike funny poses. Your job is to snap as many of these precious moments as possible. To accomplish this, consider the following photo tips:
  • Shoot from an angle: Rather than taking a shot of your pet looking directly into the camera, position yourself slightly to the left or right of your animal subject. This will help avoid the demonic look of pet photo flash eye.
  • Squat down: In order to snap frame worthy shots of your pet's silly antics, you need to get down to his level. Doing so will help make the picture more interesting by providing a unique perspective.
  • Avoid direct light: Natural light is a photographer's best friend, but you don't want too much of it. Shooting your pet in direct sunlight can make him squint. In addition, harsh light can wash out a photo and cause unwanted shadows on your subject's face.
  • Stay focused: Your pet should be the star of the photo. To keep the focus on your funny fuzzy friend, avoid crowding the shot with distracting background images. Rather, position your costumed cat in front of a plain backdrop and make him the center of the shot.
  • Practice patience: Pets can be an endless source of amusement, but they're not "on" all of the time. When working with animals, a little patience can go a long way to capture a hilarious picture.

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