Saturday, November 13, 2010


The remarkable Grey Wolf (Canis lupus), is a creature that is feared, revered and beloved in legend, myth and reality. They have acute senses that allow them to easily survive and thrive in the harsh wilderness. Their sense of smell is thought to be almost 100 times more sensitive that a human's, while their hearing is four to five times better than ours. And though their eyesight isn't "super human," it is equally as good as ours.
In this image, an apparently lone wolf stands in the frigid temperatures in Yellowstone National Park on a very early morning, assessing its surroundings. The falling snow and icy landscape don't seem to affect this beautiful animal, except to show a dramatic contrast between its stunning gaze and the colorless backdrop of winter.

Busy Bobcat"
The stealthy, elusive and beautiful bobcat (lynx rufus) is so named for its shorter "bobbed" tail. This nocturnal relative of the magnificent Lynx is the smallest of the family, weighing in from 11 to 30 pounds, and measuring 30 to 48 inches long, nose to tail.
Solitary by nature, these fierce hunters stalk in stealth mode, and when ready, leap as far as ten feet to pounce on their unsuspecting prey. This photograph captures a young bobcat in the fraction of a moment between an angry warning and pure feline curiosity.

"American Cuisine"

The grace and strength of the magnificent American Bald Eagle are evident in this dramatic photograph. This image was captured mere seconds after the eagle snatched lunch from the icy February waters at the Kenai Peninsula on the southern coast of Alaska.
In this photograph, the action is richly punctuated by the crystal clear spray and the expanse and position of the powerful wings. The intensity of the bird's eyes, along with its posture and angle coming off the water, convey the elegant and silent power of this beautiful creature.

Lion Love"
An endearing example of how light and composition can tell a story. This photograph captures a tender, almost human, moment between two African lions. Known for their ferocity and formidable strength, this capture portrays another side...a sweet moment, revealing a loving prelude.

Curious Fox"
This friendly-looking Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is one of the most recognizable species of foxes. Identified by the red-colored fur, the red fox can be found in almost every habitat in the northern hemisphere. This hardy and prolific species is amazingly adaptive, and has been immortalized by many cultures as a sly, cunning creature.
In this award-winning image, the camera angle was kept low, below the animal's eye level, in order to remain non-threatening, which also provided a lively, unusual perspective. The curious expression on its face echoes the canid's playful and curious nature.

The Lookout"
At first glance, this appears to be a photograph of life in a serene Alaskan meadow. Upon closer look, these bears are in an alert posture, and there is a sense of intensity. They've just detected danger.
This grizzly sow, known as "Rosie" by the Hallo Bay Wilderness guides, had just called her cubs close, preparing to fight or flee--whatever it would take to protect her twins. Rosie was popping her jaw and making low growling-type warning sounds at "Harvey," a large grizzly boar, who was entering the meadow and headed in their direction. Boars are known to kill cubs, and Rosie was taking no chances. The moment this photograph captured this scene, she immediately moved her cubs out of the meadow...and after hearing Rosie's mood, Harvey wisely did not follow.

Low Flyer"
This sandhill crane at Bosque Del Apache was flying low at the end of a very cold New Mexico day. His position provided a richly colored backdrop, while a slower shutter speed allowed a slight blurring of his wings, lending further drama and motion to the capture.


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