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Create Beauty Woman Effect in Photoshop

31 Create Beauty Woman Effect in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to add light effects to your photo and create cool photo effect from your usual image. Step by step, we will show you tips how to work with lights in Photoshop. Mainly, we will works with layers, blending modes, brushes, and we also will use some textures and stock images. As you can see from the final image preview, you can add a very stylish light effect to your image and share it with your friends. Furthermore, I think that kind of image could very well look on the wall.

Final Image Preview


Lets start with the beautiful stock photo of a girl/model. Here I used the stock from shutterstock and cut out the model using Pen tool or using channel. I generally used Pen tool and then use channels for hair extraction. There are lots of tutorials available on the net for cropping, just follow any of them.


Download some grungy backgrounds available on Deviantart and, place them. What I did I extract the model and I use that background only. It has grungy texture.

Next I made a new layer and fill it with Diagonal gradient of colors: 621f80 and 00b4e5. Erase some part mainly the face and body and change the blending option to Soft light and opacity to 90-95%

Duplicate the gradient layer and reduce its opacity to 45%. Now it looks much better. You can use any of the gradient combination of your choice, it will give different results .


Create a new layer and then apply image. Make another layer and use splatter brushes. You can find splatter brushes on many sites. I used Hi-Res Splatter Brushes by Bittbox. It doesn’t matter which color use now. Now hide this layer and make a new layer apply image and then unhide the splatter layer then go to Layer -> Create clipping mask or (Alt + Ctrl + G). What it will do is that the current layer will be masked only where is the brush. Now select Move tool and move the image

You will get the desired effect. To get more colors brush on the layer with Soft air brush, I painted with magenta and light blues.


Repeat the above process on different positions where ever you like.


Make a new layer, fill it with black and change the blending option to Color dodge and lower the opacity to 77% and start brushing with a large Soft edge brush of color 696a70, and magenta and pink. This will add some brightness to the background


Now make a new layer and apply image (go to Image -> Apply image) then go to Filter -> Distort -> Wave click on randomize button 3-4 times. Hit the layer mask button and paint with black to clear out the model.
Before layer mask:

After layer mask:


Lets create a New Layer and apply the image (Shortcut: CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E) now go up to Filter -> Stylize -> Glowing Edges use these Settings:
(Edge Width – 3 | Edge Brightness – 9 | Smoothness – 1)
after applying the Glowing Edges Filter select the layer and go up to Image -> Adjustments -> Invert or press (Shortcut: CTRL + I). This should change the entire layer into white and black, change the blending options of the layer to Multiply or divide in CS5 lower down the opacity to 15%. It will give you more intensity to the colors.


Now its time to add some smoke to her hands. I found the stock on deviantart and Place it your canvas, scale it down to her right hand, desaturate it, blending option to Screen a increase the levels by hitting Ctrl + L . Slide the black triangle bar towards right.


Its time to add some circles to the background, create a new layer and grab your Elliptical tool. Draw a selection on the canvas that corresponds with the flow of the image. After you have drawn your selection go to the little half filled icon on your Layers Panel at the bottom and select Pattern. I selected a skew line pattern to fit into the motion of the image. After you have selected your pattern and pressed ok, set the blending options of the layer to Soft Light and drop the opacity down to 22%.


Lets add some more colors, create a new layer, fill it with black, change the blending option to Color dodge and start brushing around with these color. You free to use any colors of your choice I used: 784c13 4f4e0e 718290 718290


I repeated the above around the corners of the image with 748694 and change the blending option to Color dodge.


I again make a new layer and start to paint with 4f163b to her hands and legs as shown in the following image and change the blending option to Color dodge.


Now download the light streak. Then I placed near her shoulder and resize it converted into rasterize layer and then add a layer mask to it. Remove the unwanted light then finally change the blending option to Screen.

Similarly I done it 3-4 times with different light streaks position it to the girl’s body, resize it and wrapped it

Be sure to add layer mask to each elements to remove unwanted lights and further I use Pen tool to make lines of yellow and green color


Next I add yellow, light blue and magenta (ec188f) lights to the streaks to have a glowing effect. Make a new layer and select Soft edge brush and reduce its flow 30-40%, change the blending mode to Screen.

Again make a new layer selectthis color (fffb1d) and brush to the left hand side of the previous layer.

Finally add some white light also to the image in the middle of the both light

After this make a new layer below the magenta light layer and add some white splatters.


Repeat the process one more time to the light streaks near her leg and hands


Add some lines to the image, just select a harb brush of 2-5 px radius of any color of your choice after that click on Pen tool draw a diagonal line and right click and select Stroke path (make sure that simulate pressure box is checked) then hit OK.

Make a group of three lines and reposition them as shown in the image:


Duplicate several copies of it position at different places on both sides of the model, see reference image below:


Download some bokeh brushes from deviantart, I also download it from there. After selecting the brushes hit F5 key a brush palette will open and do the following settings:

And start brushing on the canvas and also play with flow and opacity to get different results.


Now add some rectangles, select Rectangular marquee tool and draw a selection. On a new layer, fill it with white and then do the Motion blur: angle to 90 and distance 999. Finally change the blending option to Overlay and reduce its opacity. Add some drop shadow effect to the selection.


Hit Ctrl + T to transform and rotate it to angle 45 or 50 and duplicate many a times. Place it at the corners of the image see image below:


Now make a new adjustment color balance layer and do the following settings:


Make another adjustment layer of selective color and correct reds, yellow,blue, magentas . I experiment with different settings and values.


Lets add a new adjustment gradient layer of blue – red – yellow and reverse the gradient by checking the box, blending option to Soft light and opacity reduce to 11%.


Add another black to white gradient layer, change blending to Soft light and opacity to 16%.

Final Result: Beauty Woman Effect

SOURCE: hotoshop Tutorials » Photo effects by Anant


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