Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Architectural Photography

Early architectural photographers include Roger Fenton, Francis Frith (Middle East and Britain), Samuel Bourne (India) and Albert Levy (United States and Europe). They paved the way for the modern speciality of architectural photography. Later architectural photography had practitioners such as Ezra Stoller, and Julius Shulman. Stoller worked mainly on the east coast of America, having graduated with a degree in architecture in the 1930s. Shulman, who was based on the West Coast, became an architectural photographer after some images that he had taken of one of Richard Neutra's houses in California made their way onto the architect's desk.

Sentosa House, Singapore, by Guz Wilkinson

The Café del Bosque in Medellin, designed by Ana Elvira Velez & Lorenzo Castro in 2007

The glass walls of Quattro Corti's sixth-floor Mansarda restaurant frame the dome of St Isaac's Cathedral

'Il Girasole', the rotating house built into the Po Valley hillside in northern Italy

Taipei Performing Arts Center by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren, to be completed in 2013

Tyne Bridge at night N080496

TYNE BRIDGE, Newcastle upon Tyne / Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Night view of the Tyne Bridge with The Sage music centre beyond

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral N090408

LIVERPOOL METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE KING, Liverpool. Floodlit view of rotunda linking crypt to adjacent cathedral.
Copyright © English Heritage Photo Library SOURCE:

Icona Building N071219

ICONA BUILDING, London Olympics 2012 site, London. Exterior view of the residential flats.
Copyright © English Heritage Photo Library

time paints
© kamenf
Athens Olympic complex

Hohenzollern Bridge and the Dome of Cologne© Alessandro Della Casa
HDRI on 6 levels
by ~TopDroPics   Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai from the 88th floor downwards

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